EcoVac Toronto Recycling Facility

In addition to providing engineering and industrial design services to the mining and minerals processing industry, Halyard operates a recycling processing plant in Toronto, Ontario. Our operations experience gives Halyard a unique perspective on day-to-day management and risk assessments which we include in our designs of mineral processing plants.

EcoVac Solutions Ltd.

EcoVac is a one of a kind facility in North America that receives and processes liquid soil from hydrovac (daylighting) trucks. The liquid soil is processed into reusable aggregate, sand, clay and treated water.

Services Provided:

  • Receiving hydrovac slurry
  • Water filling services for hydrovac trucks
  • Providing clean backfill
  • Providing sand and aggregate for reuse

EcoVac provides a full cycle solution for the hydrovac industry by working with its customers to coordinate the scheduling of tips directly with dispatchers and drivers; providing water for hydrovac trucks and clean backfill for various job sites.