Modular and Pre-Fabricated Construction Services

Halyard’s Modular Plant Shipping to Site

Halyard has extensive experience with modularization and pre-assembly of structural steel, electrical rooms and processing equipment. When modularization is beneficial to a project, Halyard is capable of providing recommendations for both the extent of modularization and the execution philosophy that may be adopted with benefits to the project with respect to safety, schedule, cost, quality and constructability.

Opportunities for Modularization

  • Electrical Buildings and Substations
  • Conveyors and Conveyor Trestles
  • Process Plant Modules
  • Small to Mid-Sized Ball Mill Steel Support Frames
  • Pre-Assembled Steel and Structural Assemblies
  • Pre-Engineered and Pre-Fabricated Buildings
  • Panel Tanks
  • Stair Towers
  • Pre-Cast Concrete