Other Projects

Barite Mud Services Inc.

Commodity: Barite
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Year: 2016

BMSI has an operation in Newfoundland where a historic tailings dam is dredged and Barite is recovered which is sold into the offshore drilling industry. Halyard was responsible for upgrading the process plant (some of it circa 1930’s) and managing operations for the 2016 production season.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

CIL Upgrade Studs

Commodity: Copper/Gold
Location: Central Bolivia
Year: 2015

Subcontracted to Lycopodium Minerals Canada, Halyard was responsible for evaluating a disused CIL circuit and defining the scope of work and options for reinstating the plant for Orvana’s Don Mario Mine.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

SGS Minerals Services

Commodity: Various
Location: Ontario
Year: 2014

SGS Minerals Services required the design and integration of a DMS drum into a new test circuit. Halyard designed and supplied the process equipment to SGS Minerals Services’ needs.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

American Iron & Metals Company Inc.

Commodity: Waste Water Treatment – Metal’s Processing
Location: Montreal, Canada
Year: 2013

Halyard, in conjunction with DAGEX Inc. designed, supplied and commissioned this waste water treatment plant for AIM. Contaminated water from washing shredded Aluminium was treated by sequential screening, cycloning, and clarification to remove the solids and heavy metals. Thereafter the water was discharged into the normal effluent system and the reclaimed solids were sent to the landfill for secure disposal.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

Cooling Tower Structural Design

Commodity: Sulphuric Acid Plant (Copper)
Location: Kansanshi, Zambia
Year: 2009

As a subcontractor to Industrial Water Cooling (Pty) Ltd. the design was undertaken to construct large cooling towers from FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics). The structures were 15m high and 7.2m in diameter. The design necessitated a non-metallic construction due to the chemically aggressive nature of the corrosive cooling fluid.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

Hyperbaric Chamber for Fish

Commodity: Marine Biology
Location: Durban, South Africa
Year: 2007

The South African Association of Marine and Biological Research required a hypobaric chamber to be constructed to acclimatize fish that had been caught in deep sea and brought to the surface. The rapid ascent in altitude caused the stomach and bladder in the fish to excessively distend resulting in a significant fish fatality rate. The controlled depressurization of the fish in this device significantly reduced the mortality rate of specimens brought to the surface for study. The vessel was designed according to BS 4994 and marine loading standards.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

Cooling Tower Sump Design

Commodity: Water Treatment
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Year: 2005

As a subcontractor to Industrial Water Cooling (Pty) Ltd. the design was undertaken to construct cooling tower sumps from FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics). The structures constructed from FRP were maintenance free and corrosion resistant to salt contamination.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

Fan Stack Design

Commodity: Power Plant Utility
Location: Mauritius
Year: 2005

A large stack (cowl) for a cooling tower at a power station in Mauritius was designed for Industrial Water Cooling (Pty) Ltd. The design had to withstand high wind loads typical of tropical cyclones that are prevalent in the area.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

Spirals Plant

Commodity: Chromite
Location: Lydenburg, South Africa
Year: 2005

As a subcontracted project manager to DRA Minerals in South Africa, this spirals plant was designed, constructed and commissioned as a turnkey project for Xstrata Alloys. The plant recovered salable chromite from a platinum concentrator tailings stream. The product was dewatered on a pad prior to exporting to the smelter.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

Semi-Mobile Iron Ore Crushing Plant

Commodity: Iron Ore
Location: Sishen, South Africa
Year: 2002

Project Engineering was undertaken for Metso Minerals to construct a modular crushing and screening plant. As opposed to using concrete foundation the plant was built on pontoons and filled with rock upon an engineered backfilled base.

Don Mario CIL Circuit

Helium Plant Upgrade

Commodity: Industrial Gasses – Helium
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Year: 2001

An upgrade of a Helium Separation plant was undertaken. The helium was separated from methane via molecular sieves. System upgrades were required to compensate for the gradual decline of the well’s static pressure during exploitation.

Don Mario CIL Circuit