Itafos Farim Accommodation Camp Design

CLIENT: Itafos (GB Minerals)
PROJECT: Farim Accommodation Camp Design

PROJECT TYPE: Greenfield
LOCATION: Guinea-Bissau
COMMODITY: Infrastructure
SERVICE SCOPE: Detailed Engineering and Construction Management


Itafos contracted Halyard to assist with the design and construction management of a 150-person expatriate construction camp near the town of Farim in northern Guinea-Bissau. There were several challenges on this project including the remote nature of the project and lack of in-country skilled tradespeople.


Halyard provided the design of the earthworks and concrete foundations for the prefabricated buildings. The buildings included 7 accommodation blocks, an entertainment hall, a mess hall with kitchen and an ablution facility.

Halyard used experienced personnel, familiar with works in remote areas of West Africa, to overcome the challenges.

Halyard also assisted with the specification, sourcing and award of the water treatment and sewerage treatment plants as well as the design of the reticulation (including electrical power reticulation).


Halyard were able to meet the client’s tight budget with lean design initiatives in collaboration with a local contractor. Furthermore, Halyard provided a construction manager to direct for the main construction works undertaken by local contractors and were able to commission the facility in preparation for the proposed mine construction.

A borehole was also sunk on the property and saline water was treated to World Health Organisation (WHO) potable water standards. The sewerage treatment plant converted sewage to irrigation quality water. A large generator provided power for the camp.