Vital Metals Nechalacho Mine Bulk Sorting Project

CLIENT: Vital Metals (Cheetah Resources)
PROJECT: Nechalacho Mine Bulk Sorting Project

PROJECT TYPE: Greenfield
LOCATION: Northwest Territories, Canada
COMMODITY: Rare Earth Elements (REE)


Cheetah Resources have developed a new rare earth oxides mining operation at their remote Nechalacho Mine site. Crushed ore is sorted through a containerized XRT sorter with the concentrate being shipped to Saskatoon for further processing where Halyard is designing and constructing the REE concentrator.


Nechalacho Mine is a remote site accessible by ground only during the winter months via frozen ice roads.  This makes the requirement for a modular design all the more critical.

Also, the designs of the structures and conveyors were required to be self supporting off levelled ground since concrete works on site was not an option.


Halyard was commissioned to design, supply and commission all associated services to the ore sorter, including:

  • Power generation
  • Automated control system
  • Compressed air system for the sorter
  • All materials handling equipment to and from the sorter
  • Structural support of the containerized sorter

All equipment was designed as either containerized or modular to facilitate shipping and ease of installation.


All equipment was successfully pre-commissioned and delivered to site for further site construction and commissioning.