Sierra Metals Yauricocha Mine Throughput Expansion

CLIENT: Sierra Metals
PROJECT: Yauricocha Mine Throughput Expansion

PROJECT TYPE: Brownfield
COMMODITY: Polymetallic
SERVICE SCOPE: Design & Engineering


Sierra Metals’ Yauricocha mine had undergone multiple changes to its process circuit over the past several years, many of which were not documented.  Sierra Metals commissioned Halyard to document the historical process plant changes, verify the adequacy of the existing process circuit and assist with permitting the process plant up to a 3,600 tpd throughput.

Sierra Metals also requested Halyard’s services to generate the process design and capital cost estimate to expand their processing capability to 5,000 tpd.


Halyard completed a site visit of Yauricocha’s process plant to assess the state of existing equipment, the operator’s capabilities and the available space for a process plant expansion.

By utilizing operating data and with the assistance of metallurgical testwork, Halyard managed the process and design engineering to allow Sierra Metals to expand their operations to either 3,600 tpd or 5,000 tpd throughput options.


Halyard’s solution for expanding Sierra Metals’ throughput included maximizing the existing equipment to its full capabilities.  For example, a filter press used in the existing zinc circuit was identified to be adequate as a secondary filter for the expanded lead processing circuit.  This decision proved to be practical since the filter was already on site and it saved the Client from unnecessary capital expenditure on the equipment and supporting components such as platework, electrical starters and spare parts.  A similar strategy was used for re-purposing existing flotation cells, thickeners, mills, and slurry pumps.

Applying Halyard’s brownfield-design expertise, the expansion of the process plant was arranged in a manner which minimally increased the plant’s footprint.  This design consideration not only saved capital expenditure bulks such as concrete, electrical cables and piping, but also makes for an easier operating environment.