Hudbay Minerals – Bulk Sampling Plant


The project is located near Snow Lake Manitoba that was for a turnkey supply of a new bulk sampling tower.

The process entails producing a representative 30kg sample from a 100T stockpile that is produced by the mine. In all, 6,000T of material was fed to the plant. This comprised of: ROM from the Feed Bin is conveyed to the sample tower by the feed conveyor. The ROM is then split twice before being crushed and further split to produce a representative sample of the feed stockpile. This 30kg samples are then sent away for metallurgical testing and analysis.


Timing was the main constraint. The client required a finished plant within 60 days to beat the onset of cold weather. It was also found that mechanical equipment lead times for new crushers did not meet the projects delivery criteria so Halyard sourced refurbished equipment which met the time required to commission the plant in time. Maintaining quality on such a fast track project also required a lot of upfront attention to detail and intensive planning.

Halyard Scope:

Fixed Cost: design, fabrication, commissioning/shop testing.


At the kick-off of the project, Halyard had 2 weeks to finalize and receive approval on the detailed design. Getting the procurement started early was key to meet delivery dates of around 4-6 weeks. This also pushed the delivery of certified information to complete detailed design on time to meet the tight fabrication schedule.

The progress of detailed design and procurement was closely expedited throughout the project by Halyard. Actual versus planned progress was reported twice weekly to the client. This provided the opportunity for the client to plan realistic delivery and erection dates at the site.


Due to the input and effort of the Halyard team throughout the project, the plant was delivered on time and budget. This also included an important process change of scope that the client requested concerning increasing the plants throughput and numerous mechanical extras. However, Halyard successfully met the client’s expectations and original delivery date.

A significant part of this projects’ success was due to the client being a part of the team and clearly communicating impacts of decisions and changes to progress during each phase of the project.