Why Choose Halyard

Technically strong, Up for the Challenge

Our team thrives under challenging conditions, be it a tight budget and time constraint, a difficult technical problem or challenging external environment. Building a plant on tiny, weather challenged island with a minimal budget, working in remote parts of Africa, or by implementing a process changes that allows a plant to be built, we are there.

Smart, Fit for Purpose engineering and System Designs

We are made up of experienced and knowledgeable professionals with a practical and “can do” attitude. Team members work on each project from conception to completion ensuring efficiency and quality of project execution. The significant site experience of our team is critical to ensure our engineering and designs are practical not just based on theory. Additionally, each of our professionals is multi-skilled allowing us to solve technical challenges quickly. We understand what it really means to do smart, fit for purpose engineering and design.

Customer Focused

We listen carefully to what our clients need and are flexible to what engineering and structure will best serve their project. All our actions are done with honesty and integrity with the best interest of our client at heart. Our style is to work collaboratively to ensure our clients ever changing needs are met. Long term mutually beneficial relationships have been the foundation of our business. We are committed to only taking on those projects that we know we can meet or exceed customer expectation. We stand behind our service to ensure our clients are one hundred percent satisfied.

Global experience and capability ~ with specialized expertise working in Africa

Our head office is based in Toronto Canada, but our work carries us across the globe.

Executing projects around the world, we know how to adapt and thrive in different environments including: Africa (several countries), Brazil, Canada, Chile, Kazakhstan, Peru, Mexico, Romania, Russia, and the United States. Key members of our team have roots in Africa which has given us specialized knowledge of how to work effectively in Africa.

Committed to our people

Safety is part of our DNA. We never drop the ball when it comes to ensuring the safety of our people and those around us. Our people matter to us. We don’t want people to like their job, we want them to love their job. We are dedicated to creating an environment and support structure where our team thrive. It is important to us to create a culture of collaboration, diversity of thought and respect for others. We understand that the power of a diverse group of skilled people with shared values working together is far stronger than the sum of each person.