At Halyard, we take the impacts of climate change seriously and recognize the need for the mining sector to adopt and develop greener technologies, programs, and methods that will reduce the impact that mining has on our environment. Through the services we provide, Halyard is well-positioned to assist our clients in this transition to sustainable mining.


*In 2021, we offset our emissions production through an investment in the Carbon Fund’s Panama Reforestation Project. The benefits of this project include the protection of downstream watersheds, restoring critical rainforest habitats, and reducing soil erosion.

Learn more about the Panama Reforestation Project and the Carbon Fund.

Halyard is committed to measuring and offsetting emissions and to working to reduce our over-all carbon footprint in our office and for our clients’ projects. Notwithstanding our carbon offsets, we are striving to reduce our per-person tCO2e within Halyard.